The Geierwally (1940)

The Geierwally is a German literary adaptation vonHans Steinhoff from the year 1940. It is based on motives of gleichnamigenRomans of Wilhelmine of downhillers.

OriginaltitelDie Geierwally

Production Country Germany
Language German Original
Release 1940

Length 104 minutes
Rating FSK 6


Directed by Hans Steinhoff
writer Jacob Geis
Alexander Lix

production Gerhard Staab
fürTobis film art

music Nico Dostal
camera Richard Angst

average Ella Ensink


Heath Hatheyer: WallyFender called Geierwally
Sepp Rist: Hunter Josef Brandl, called Bear Josef
Eduard Köck: Fenderbauer

Winnie Markus: Josefsuneheliches child Afra

Leopold Esterle: Farmer Vincent

Mimi Gstöttner-Auer: maid Luckard
Ludwig Auer: Velcro Meier
Georg Vogelsang: Rosenbauer Nicodemus

Hans Adalbert Schlettow: Rosenbauer Leander
Maria Mayrhofen: Sister derRosenbauern Mariann

Marta Salm maid Resi
Kate Wish Resi

Anna Exl: Ox economist
Hans Kratzer: Dorfbote

Gustav Waldau: Graf
Rolf Pinegger : Mayor

Franz Ludwig: forester
Hans Hanauer: Teacher

Hans Jamnig: 1 Servant
Luis Pedron: 2 Servant

Thorby Wörndle: 3 Servant
Sepp Kneisl: 4 Servant

Aloys Kneisl 5 Servant
Marianne Stemberger: twin sister

Elfriede Trebo: twin sister
Franzl Green: Young Guardian





Action [Edit]

WallyFender loves the hunter Joseph, but knows nothing about it. When she one day hear that on steep slopes has built its nest a vulture and the young animal is already hatched, but none of the men dare to dig the nest seiltsie off and takes the cub itself. When the mother bird attacking Wally, Joseph shoots the bird and thus saving Wally's life. He despised jedochfür her unfeminine behavior and calls her mocking Geierwally while erselbst by the villagers after killing a bear will only bear Josef Called.

Wallynimmt the young bird to him and pulls him up. On the orders of her father - dieMutter died many years ago - to the farmers Wally Vincent married, the statement but refused because she wants to marry the penniless josef. The father then she banished to the mountain hut aufeiner mountain pasture. Wally moves with her vulture and the crazy Velcro Meier aufdie mountain pasture, where they lived for several months in the cold and hardship. The time is ihrVater sick and Vincent comes to the court of Fenderbauern and subjugated dasGesinde. Vincent can send to Wally. When she appears, he just wants an old maid who did not carry out his orders chastise. Wallyschlägt Vincent down with a stick. Her father wants to arrest and imprison wegenversuchten manslaughter, but Wally plugged inihrer Not part of the court on fire and can escape. She breaks down in front of the Rose Hütteder farmers that they receive. When the peasants Nicodemus undLeander but after a few weeks and they start to advertise dispute gehtWally back to the mountain pasture. Their fate will soverzweifelt with the time that she wants to kill herself, but velcro Meier can convince them of reinvigorating the world.

Josef hatunterdessen learn that he in a neighboring village in Afra an illegitimate Kindhat. Afra's mother died, so Joseph the young woman in his village Takes. However, Afra should never call him father because he wants to hide, dassAfra is an illegitimate child. After an accident on the way to make both Insdorf in Wally's hut a rest. Wally responds upset when she sees Afra, and disillusioned when she learns that one thinks of her as a murderess undBrandstifterin in the village. She wants to know if Joseph knows why they've done all that, but is clueless. She refuses to tell him. On seinenRat that it belongs among men, Wally responds repellent. She confesses to him that she only looks for a man who loves her, but Joseph sia maybe goes and leaves with Afra after a heated battle of words Wally, who inTränen breaks.

A little later she learns that her father is dying and returns to the village zurück.Der Fenderbauer dies and Wally becomes the new Großbäuern. Compared to the servants they will be cold-hearted. As it is to be a dance in the village, siesich dressing up for Joseph, but the rumors in the village of Afra is to have a loved one. She meets him on the way to the village and he gives ihrBlumen. Wally is happy, but appears Afra who wanted to go to the dance with Joseph. Wally responds jealous and insulted Afra dancing before allenLeuten as Illegitimate, you should hunt from the village. Joseph is outraged. Heard that Wally only wants to marry the man who can kiss Give her against her will. He asks her to dance and fights her off in front of everyone a kiss. When she wants to dance then happy with him, he lets it stand, but he did want to have the kiss. Full promises revenge Wally demdie marriage, kill Joseph for them. Vincent promises to kill Joseph still gleichenTag. Has become a guilty conscience. Afra goes to Wally, disappointed by the people of the chamber did again on the way to the mountain pasture, and reveals to her that she is Joseph's daughter. Joseph rises Wallyebenfalls by now hurries and Joseph contrary to zuvereiteln Vincent 'assassination. At the last second can be prevented Vincent Joseferschießt. Joseph and Wally fall into his arms.



DieGeierwally was from 6 September 1939 Hafelekar in Innsbruck, Sölden imÖtztal and Lengenfeld turned in Tyrol. The film censorship granted on August 2, 1940, a youth ban. The Geierwally experienced 13 August 1940 imGloria Palace and the City Hall Light Games in Munich his Premiere.Berlin-premiere of the film was 17 September 1940 in Berlin Gloria Palace.


For the film-dienstwar Geierwally a "peasant drama schwerblütiges. This film from 1940 shows traces of blood and Boden' ideology, but has Heidemarie HatheyersCharakterdarstellung and the captivating landscape photography Richard anxiety Artistic format ". [1]

DerSpiegel wrote on the occasion of the television show a remake desHillerschern substance: "wounded pride of a woman, a hard-hearted father, evil list a maid, a semi-tame bird of prey as a symbol of freedom and constraint-Nazi film was not to the novel substances of the Wilhelmine of Hillern, 1875veröffentlicht, . escape The actress Heidemarie Hatheyer imJahr created in 1940 despite the prevailing ideology of the impressive portrait of an unmatched woman ". [2]

Cinemawar for the film "ideologically sensitive, artistic merit". [3]


DieGeierwally received from the Nazi film laboratory in August 1940die predicates "artistic merit" and "Folk valuable".